solid matter, reconsidered




i know a place among the mists

where earth and sky converge

~where dreams take form and phantoms fade~

you’ll find the sky in mirror lakes

as sandy beaches float

through space

and you


all need to know


describing place.


(i highly recommend it)

The Sometimes

when i said,

“i couldn’t do the things i do if i weren’t me;

i’ve made my own accommodations, thank you, now please let me be.”

you replied,

personality, disordered. 




do not, repeat, do not

engage the subject as a normal.

does. not. comply.


(did you really think

i  cannot

understand the language?)

i believed in you

(for a time)


then one day

i believed



(yes, i know;

this stirs


that’s why i walked away.

i will not play the role of victim

in this,

my story

it’s my play.  yeah.

it’s a one-shot deal, doing a day,

so i walked away

to hear my say

in living.


I’m here!


i survived.

and yet,

i also


tell me there’s no death dance, fine;

that doesn’t mean i lied.


The other night I watched the Amazon Series, Transparent.  As I watched, I thought about the phrase, “living a leading edge life.”  And I laughed in an achy kind of way as one of the characters pointed out that once you leave the illusion others need to see, they leave you.  And, it’s true.  But that’s okay, too.  Maybe they return… maybe they don’t.  Either way, it doesn’t matter because the life you inhabit is in motion…

and that’s the point.  Stay with the forwardness of life.  It’s where today’s answers flourish.