Progressive Illumination

All the things we’re told are vital, so important

to never forget

dissolve in the presence of majesty.

~as shown by the seven veils of rain…

(or was it nine?)

hmmm… did it matter, the number?  i forget…

(ha! i’m not even sure i counted)


journal entry; one, june summer.

earth, 2014.

magical performance at the tower


cleo and the mystic radiants

raising the vibe

for the crowd.

(magnetic, 7-star stunners)

moondance festival


the tower.

photojournal; one, june summer.

earth, 2014.

*all photos in this series (unless otherwise noted) created by the author*

Away, Away




It’s true, it’s true…. i’m so away i can’t find me.  not lost, not crazy, just away for awhile without internet, devices, but plenty of luxury as the oasis’ of natural beauty sweep my soul with infinite awe.  i greet you in the skies, in the grasslands, among mountains, and sunrise/ sunset moments; i’m not gone or indifferent; i’ll catch up with all of you soon…  and in the meanwhile, i hope you’re inspired to look at the world and be awed as these posts trickle forth.  

(i’ve no idea how long it takes to send posts via pony express, but no doubt you’ve plenty to do and read, already.  still, i love you… well, yes i do… and want you to know i carry you, each, in my heart.  me, and e.e. cummings.)

life is.

take care and see you soon!  ~M


September Moon Dance

September Moon Dance

It’s September, you know…

that wond’rous time




june summer,

lover of colors

~all kinds in all forms~

invites you


 dance with the sky

in this


full moon time

(some how, some way)

it’s fun.


wherever you may be

these days,

 smile with the moon,

thank the sky,

  and wink at those stars

(they love you so much!)


if you’ve a camera,

or crayons,

or a ditty

generate some magic…

get rowdy,

or silly

(or wax sentimental)

but do,

oh do…

join in the drum song



last, summer moon.

(autumn rust awaits.)



No R.S.V.P.  necessary.  just enjoy the moon…

~noted one, june summer.

earth, 2014.